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Eliminating Consumer Debt
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Consumer Debt Management
Would You Like To Escape The Chains of Debt? 

Do you wish credit cards contained a warning from the Attorney General, the same as other products considered dangerous to your health!

Warning: "Credit card use could potentially destroy your good credit rating,
devastate you financially, wreck your marriage and adversely affect
your relationship with relatives, friends and associates."

Sometimes we can end up in debt through factors that are not within our control. Divorce, death of a spouse, medical problems, or a reduction of income can each lead to financial hardship. Whatever the cause, financial worries related to debt can make your life interesting in ways you'd rather it didn't.

The Danger Signs Of Bad Debt

Many times we don't see the warning signs of a money crisis until it's too late -- sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is actually another train coming... and fast. But most financial crises don't just drop on your doorstep overnight. Look for one or more of these warning signals that it's the train coming and not the light.

Do you:

  • Put off going to the doctor or dentist, not because you hate needles and drills, but because your finances are unhealthy?
  • Consolidate your debts by borrowing from a high-interest lender?
  • Worry about losing your job because of what it would do to you financially, even just in the short run?
  • Pay the absolute minimum (or nothing) on a monthly bill?
  • Work a second or part-time job because need the additional income to cover your bills?
  • Find the idea of saving money a real joke?
  • Panic just thinking about having to pay for an unexpected expense, such as car repairs?
  • Borrow from friends and relatives to cover basic expenses?
  • Write a check and hope that it won't clear before your next deposit?
If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, your debt may have you heading for financial trouble.  Please read You're Not Alone.

We can help you determine where you are and help you to identify your best options to get out of debt. Our services are free, with no cost or obligation.

Call or Email your local certified Found Money Manager™ today to get your Free copy of the 'Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy' booklet, based on the 'Found Money Management™' Concepts. Or, call today to register for our next FREE Educational Workshop in your local area.

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