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Found Money Management™ was created to help Middle American families find the money they need to reduce or eliminate debt and achieve financial security without spending any additional money or changing their current life style. We believe there are many areas in our lives where we are being advised, by people we trust, to spend money that in many cases is unnecessary. And, it's keeping us from achieving our financial goals.

A prime example is the financial advice that is being passed on from generation to generation. The tried and true advice we received from our parents and grandparents isn't working in today's financial environment. It's a new financial world out there, requiring a new approach!

Please, consider the following...

Our Nation Is In Trouble!!!

We have a very serious problem in the United States that is going to affect all of us. In 1975, as a nation, we were among the best savers in the world, saving over 9% of our incomes annually. Consider, aren't the peak savings years from age 45 to 65, when most people's children are grown and out on their own? If this is true, then weren't the people who were doing most of the saving in 1975, now retired? Yet, everyday, don't we still see and hear about retirees who are struggling just to survive? How many retirees do we see every day that are working at Publix, just to make ends meet? How many retirees are forced to live with their children and friends? Are there retirees who are homeless or forced to eat cat and dog food?

Aren't many of today's retirees, from the generation of the best savers in the world?

Today, as a nation,
we are now considered to be among the poorest savers in the world. In 2005 we are saving only 1.6%* of our incomes annually. What is going to happen when it comes time for this generation of poor savers to retire? Who is going to have to foot the bills for them to survive? What is going to happen to our Social Security income? How will it impact our income taxes? How will this all effect our standard of living and our ability to save for retirement? What about the future of our children and grand children and their retirement?

Consider also, that these future generations of retirees, are likely to live beyond age 90. During their 25 years or more of retirement, how is inflation going to impact their standard of living. If these people are struggling at age 65, what is it going to be like at age 80 and beyond with inflation?

Are we looking at a Nation that is going to have a
reduced standard of living, for the first time in it's history?

What can we all do, to change the future?

"With personal savings rates at one of its lowest rates ever, not only are secure retirements in jeopardy but also many Americans are one medical emergency or layoff away from financial disaster."
*Many ways to boost U.S. personal savings, By Dar Haddix, UPI Deputy Business Editor 4/1/2005

"There are currently as many as 22 million U.S. families that lack a basic checking or savings account and who are often forced to cash checks through such services as check cashers, which charge high fees."
*Many ways to boost U.S. personal savings, By Dar Haddix, UPI Deputy Business Editor 4/1/2005

If we are going to survive financially, we are going to have to look at things differently and start making all of our money work for us, instead of us working for it. To succeed today we need to look at how the most successful business people have amassed their great fortunes.

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